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Christmas Parties, Photoshop, and Productivity
  Sometimes we worry about things like productivity.  
Big Lincoln Exterior Photos!
Many of you have driven past our projects on Lincoln And keep your eyes peeled for Baby Lincoln photos G     [caption id="attachment_524" align="aligncenter" width
Mid Century Modern – The Dusk Shot
I thought you might like to see a bit more of our mid
Mid Century Modern
Mid Century.  MCM.  Eames.  Eichler.  It's a famous In reality, around here (being Kitchener Waterloo) There are very few examples of true mid century modern Take one of these relatively regular 60's builder homes Many more pictures to come, but this is a sneak peek -G
Spray Foam – still great, not perfect.
Last week we attended a seminar from Building Science I'd like to make a few statements, dispel a few rumours 1/ UFFI is almost certainly not dangerous, any more 2/  Spray foam is amazing for cathedral ceilings, 3/  Open cell spray foam, like Icynene, is generally 4/  Closed cell spray foam is much higher performing 5/  I'm intrigued by the hybrid spray-foam-plus-batt Want more?  Joe Listuburek of BSC has some wise words -GW
Lincoln Road Sneak Peek
Affectionately named "Big Lincoln" in the office (hint In the meantime, here's a sneak peek, of one of the
Wood! Why we love it.
With the nice weather comes a host of new projects Here in Canada we have an abundance of wood. It is The picture here is of a rare design opportunity, an
Adaptation, Resilience, Sustainability
The title of the upcoming 4th annual Planning and Development I'll be presenting on flood proofing and storm water Notes and slides from the presentation are available Floodproofing For Small Buildings - Graham Whiting Information and registration for the conference can
Taco Farm
About a year ago we were retained to redesign the facades It's been a while now since Taco Farm opened, and it Another happy coincidence, that our local favourite Congratulations, Taco Farm, and may you continue to