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Now with more Pinterest
It's done. We've finally caved in to the latest social Whiting Design Pinterest Page If you can't find me, I'll be lost in an infinite black -G
Climate Adaptive Design – in the Globe
Recent storms have made this quite a hot topic. We Globe and Mail Life / Architecture - "How to get a Of course the article takes only a couple of sentences Locally, wind was the big issue. Many streets are The most interesting part of the interview in my opinion Enjoy the read, and dig a little deeper into the topic -Graham[caption id="attachment_368" align="alignleft
New Website, New Life for the Blog
Welcome to our new web presence, designed right here With the new site, we're reviving the blog, as a way Our new logo and look is courtesy of local self taught I'd also like to sing the praises of Stephen J. Edgar Cheers! Graham
CAFK+A 2014
Contemporary art is the bleeding edge of architectural If you want to see me get excited, talk about modern -Graham
House of Friendship
House of Friendship is an organization in Kitchener "I want to see a mighty flood of justice, a torrent We were asked to do a concept rendering of the new We're pleased to say that the fundraising has gone
Silver Lake Cabins
Alex and I had a lot of fun and a fair bit of head We've also had the pleasure of sending our kids. Will
Living Without Oil Part 3 – Food and Water
The harvest is in. The colours of the season have changed   Our relationship with food is a joyous one in summer This wholesale shift has been driven by our most primal a full tank of fuel in your car plastic bags and packaging transport trucks, ships, and diesel locomotives chemical fertilizers fossil fuel supplied electricity to run pumps, lighting asphalt and gravel pipes tractor fuel just about every manufactured product you can imagine In truth, Southern Ontario farmers supply only a fraction Remove fossil fuels from the picture, or even reduce Relocalizing is a term coined to describe moving back How can we change? Thankfully, things are already happening Considering that in the urbanized desert called Los What can you do in your daily life? Foremost would
Living Without Oil Part 2 – Shelter
Times are good. Besides the occasional rain, we are   Shelter is a simple concept, which quickly becomes   The ongoing theme of these articles is transition:   Get out of Debt We place an enormous amount of trust in our banks.   Reduce Your Demand That aforementioned McMansion, no matter how strictly   Want to know the much more difficult way to reduce   Go Homegrown Says James Howard Kunstler in his book The Long Emergency   Build Your Community Not comfortable with a hammer and nails? Then develop   Look for the rest of this 4 part series in Living Well
Chispito Redux
A while ago I posted an article about the ultimate   Make magazine (and TV), if you haven't seen it, is