Adaptation, Resilience, Sustainability
November 19, 2013

The title of the upcoming 4th annual Planning and Development Conference in Toronto is a great one. Climate adaptation is now a necessity, and the concept of resilience in design has moved from the radical fringe to the forefront of considerations with many municipalities and regions.

I’ll be presenting on flood proofing and storm water adaptation measures for small buildings. I’m looking at the current state of codes and practices, some new initiatives we’ve seen in North America which are pushing these ideas further, and where things should go within the next few decades. As climate change and extreme weather are already affecting us, it’s time to begin modifying how we design and retrofit our built environment to reduce risk, protect lives and property, and continue to thrive rather than just survive the coming challenges.

Notes and slides from the presentation are available here in .pdf format for delegates and members of the public.

Floodproofing For Small Buildings – Graham Whiting

Information and registration for the conference can be found here: