Wood! Why we love it.
May 13, 2014

With the nice weather comes a host of new projects under construction, and we are getting out on site a lot more often. I’m reminded once again of the absolute joy of walking through a house that has been framed, but not covered. I built houses for a few summers while in school, and there is nothing quite like standing in the skeleton of a glowing golden brown house frame, the smell of spruce, and experiencing the wonder that is Canadian wood frame house construction.

Here in Canada we have an abundance of wood. It is remarkably strong, it is rapidly renewable if managed properly, it can last hundreds of years if detailed properly, can be renovated and re-used, composts at the end of its life to provide nutrients for more trees, and it is just so nice to work with. It is truly the cornerstone of sustainable building materials.

The picture here is of a rare design opportunity, an outdoor pavilion in which the structure is left exposed. Without the constraints of insulation and the need for interior drywall, the wood can sing its own praises. The contractor here, Evolve Builders out of Guelph, has taken the opportunity to express some amazing craftsmanship too. Summer is coming, frames are going up on 4 different projects around town, and I get to re-live my life as a framer for a few brief minutes.