Lincoln Road Sneak Peek
October 22, 2014

Affectionately named “Big Lincoln” in the office (hint: there is a “Baby Lincoln” in the works), this project has been a fantastic experience. Every once in a while the client, architect, and builder just click, and the results can be extraordinary. The white house on the hill was originally built as an isolation unit for St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener, and was then used as a home for decades. Our work included a gut retrofit of the entire existing house as well as an addition, in a style that is decidedly modern yet respectful of the story of the house. We’ll be talking about it a lot more, and showing you a lot more pictures, once things are finally actually done (not 99% done, which is a state many will know is a very difficult one to get out of!).

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek, of one of the pieces we are particularly proud of. Using our two favourite materials, steel and wood, the main stair of the house is built on a single, central stringer which is an 8 x 8 hollow steel section, with custom steel brackets bolted on, and solid laminated cherry tread blocks. What you’re looking at is the underside of the stair on the way to the basement. You’re also seeing a polished concrete floor at the bottom, which is just gorgeous. Everything is designed and engineered for a simple, clean look, but the details of the treads hovering just three quarters of an inch off the side walls, the connections at top and bottom, the fact that the entire stair is very solid feeling and incredibly durable, took a LOT of planning. The integrated design and fabrication involved collaboration between ourselves, the client, the builder (Evolve Builders Group from Guelph), the millworker (Bendt Cabinetry), the steel supplier and welder, made this functional sculpture a true success.