Mid Century Modern
June 23, 2015

Mid Century.  MCM.  Eames.  Eichler.  It’s a famous era, and represents all sorts of holy ground for architects.

In reality, around here (being Kitchener Waterloo) it meant a whole lot of suburban expansion, and a whole lot of new homes built which are a curious hybrid of actual mid century style and the emerging phenomenon of ‘builder homes’, or the mass ubiquity of the suburbs.

There are very few examples of true mid century modern, and plenty of the aforementioned hybrids.  We have side splits, back splits, wide lots, two car attached garages, and hipped roofs, along with (sometimes) nice horizontal lines, modern proportions, deeper overhangs, and a playfulness of style which was typical of the area.

Take one of these relatively regular 60’s builder homes and add owners who are true afficionados of mid century style, who are looking to expand and improve their living space, tie into the existing structure and materials, and transform their house on a reasonable budget.  The result is something we’d like to see a lot more of, a design which realizes the potential of the style and pushes it into the 21st century, takes advantage of the lot, and embraces a more modern way of living.  It also has some very well insulated walls and healthy durable materials but that’s just business as usual around here.

Many more pictures to come, but this is a sneak peek from Stephen Edgar, who continues to make us look great!

-GUntitled_HDR2 _DSC3651