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(Email being preferable, if you’re wondering)

Due to the high number of scam and robocalls we have been experiencing, we are no longer publishing our phone number.  Please email to make an initial inquiry.  Thank you!

Whiting Design
Suite 301
40 King Street South
Waterloo, ON N2J 1N8


If you are inquiring about a project, please let us know a bit about what you are dreaming of.  In your initial email, could you please include a brief summary of the project which includes the following:


  1. Type of project (renovation, addition, new build… office, retail, or residential etc.)
  2. Size of project (roughly speaking: square footage, number of stories, number of bedrooms, etc.)
  3. Location (address, municipality, and unique characteristics of the property (i.e. sloping, acreage, views, urban / restricted access, conservation lands, etc.)
  4. Budget, if known.  Being on the same page with budget expectations from the outset is critical to a project unfolding smoothly.  Custom residential construction in Ontario averages around $250.00 per square foot.  That number goes up easily and down… not so easily.
  5. Sustainable design goals, like Passive House, off-grid, high efficiency building envelope, integrated solar, healthy or alternative materials, etc.

We look forward to hearing from you!

CAREERS We are always on the lookout for talented, friendly, community and sustainability minded designers and technologists, and often an initial inquiry can lead to a job years later if the timing is right. What we offer is a fun, bright, relaxed and innovative office environment right in the centre of Waterloo, and the opportunity to work on some of the most interesting projects happening in the Region. We want to hear from you.


Remodeling and Home Design