What does sustainability mean to you?

At Whiting Design we have a deep understanding of buildings and their impact on the environment. You are here because you share an interest in doing things a better way. A way that acknowledges that, as privileged Canadians, we have an opportunity to be world leaders in reducing our impact while enjoying unparalleled prosperity.

Our goal is to reverse the impact of buildings. That is, through our projects, we strive to create a net energy and carbon reduction, even when expanding a building’s size. We are a 100% Pledging member of Sustainable Waterloo’s Regional Carbon Initiative, to reduce our own operations to net zero or better, having achieved over 50% reduction in our emissions since signing the pledge in 2010.  All employees walk, bike, or take transit to work, we are members of a car share cooperative for business travel, and we strive to run a paperless operation, using 100% recycled content paper only when we have to.  We also do our best to have an open, honest, inclusive and non-oppressive work environment and look for ways to improve our world both socially as well as environmentally.

Our designs are modern. This is not only a style which is appropriate to our time, but a way of thinking which lends itself to space which is open, bright, warm, simple, and suits our way of life in the 21st century. It is about efficiency, doing more with less, and focuses on the quality of space and human experience rather than decoration. Building science also informs much of what we do. Durability is a primary consideration, using materials that are considered from cradle to cradle, and give their owners lasting joy over centuries. Proper understanding of the complexity of air and water movement through and around structures is also key to successful design, and we have developed a widely respected expertise in proper envelope and detail design, particularly in retrofit scenarios.

Good design is primarily an act of good listening, interpretation, cheerfully and collaboratively working towards solutions that outperform assumptions.

Our client list includes:

Waterloo Region Green Solutions (REEP)
Mennonite Economic Development Agency (MEDA)
DNA Screenprinting
Canadian Mortgage and Housing Commission (CMHC)
LOOP Clothing Lounge
Seven Shores Urban Market and Cafe
Rockway Mennonite Church
Tech Capital Partners
Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI)
Athena Software
Taco Farm
Tavis Roland Development Inc.
Geosyntec Consulting Engineers
House of Friendship
Silver Lake Mennonite Camp
Princess Twin Cinemas
Little City Farm
Insight Eye Care
Quiet Nature Landscaping
Polestar Bakery Guelph
Show and Tell Coffee Bar
Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters