This 1900 square foot modern, super-insulated bungalow was completed in 2015. Designed for aging gracefully at home, it is built around the principle of universal accessibility, which is provided seamlessly with none of the institutional aesthetic which this approach can often lead to.

The project emphasizes energy efficiency, healthy materials, and durability. A combination of steel, wood, stone and lime based stucco clad the home in a way that helps define the various volumes and define use. Interior finishes are deliberately simple, with sustainable sourced hardwood flooring used extensively and porcelain tile applied in wet areas. Windows are all high performance fiberglass framed units from Inline, an Ontario based manufacturer.

Striving for 'near Passive House' as a target, the blower door test confirmed an air exchange 0.83ACH, which is almost full Passive House standard (0.6) compared to std new homes of average 3.5ACH.

The sustainability features of this home are too numerous to mention, but a hydronic heat system with condensing boiler providing radiant basement slabs and main floor wall radiators, native species landscaping by Quiet Nature, and conscious construction by Evolve Builders Group are some of our top 10.

Photos by Stephen Edgar of Waterloo, Ontario.