The entire ground floor of this 70's home was gutted to provide an open, bright, social space for a young family. Moving away from the idea of separate rooms for each 'function', this tricky L-shaped configuration, (typical to homes of this era when the large attached garage became a major component) turns into a series of spaces which flow into one another and provide a cohesive social space.

A simple palette of white walls and cabinets, and medium hardwood floors serves as a backdrop for art and custom reclaimed wood elements which are created by Andy Fischer for many of his clients. Minor modifications to window and door sizes and locations creates better flow and light to the plan.

The front facade is minimally updated but really transforms the look, with the introduction of a new modern front door and sidelight set off against a warm wood inset of Maibec siding. Aging siding on the upper storey and dormers was also replaced to update and simplify the colour scheme overall.

We've done quite a few before and after photos of the interior to explain the extent of the changes and the truly transformative nature of the design.