This 'white house on the hill' was originally the quarantine hospital for St. Mary's, back in the early 20th century. We've taken the shell of this classic colonial, gutted it, and turned it into one of the most sustainable and modern homes in Kitchener Waterloo. A rear yard addition creates a new lowered living room extension, while the remainder of the house is largely original in layout. The generous hallways are kept intact and uninterrupted, serving as both a reminder of the original function (extra room for nursing carts) and providing superb cross ventilation and a natural lighting axis through the house.

This is a home designed for efficiency and durability. The walls are super-insulated, with a 12" double stud assembly filled with water based Icynene spray foam. Windows are triple glazed fibreglass frame. Floors are a combination of refinished and new solid cherry, polished concrete for the basement level and entry area, and porcelain tile in the washrooms. The fireplace is finished with clay, and houses an ultra efficient sealed wood burning insert. Millwork is built of formaldehyde free plywood boxes with solid cherry fronts and tops. Using an ultra simple palette of "wood and white", the house strives for simple, clean detailing which highlights the material itself rather than adding decoration.

Curbless showers are designed for universal access, with seamless floor transitions and carefully placed controls and grab bars that integrate smoothly into the modern aesthetic. Low profile radiators provide space heating, with hydronic tubing embedded in the basement slab and entryway. Lighting is not recessed, but rather carefully selected LED fixtures provide light where needed.

Photography by Peter Sellar - photoklik