This modern, superinsulated, efficient new build in the town of Hespeler, Ontario is a new paradigm for living. Coming in at just over 1500 square feet, it is a single family home that is 40% smaller than average, yet feels spacious and airy. On the main floor, efficiency is from the multi-functional main room which is simultaneously kitchen, living, and dining rooms in one. This spills out through a folding glass wall onto a generous deck, overlooking the mill reservoir.

Crafted for durability, the interior is finished with tile floors, solid surface counters, and glass, which will last for decades and more. Salvaged from a small derelict cabin which previously inhabited the site, historic timbers were re-milled into the stairs, shelving, and front door of the home. The stair wraps around a residential elevator which traverses three levels, a feature which the owner will use to help promote residential elevators provided by his company, Cambridge Elevating, as well as to provide a fully accessible build for the owners and anyone else in future.

The entire home is on a small high efficiency boiler with radiant floors throughout, providing silent, respiratory health friendly heat. No artificial cooling is needed due to the careful shading and passive solar design and orientation of the home, as well as the careful insulation and air sealing.

Construction by Slotegraff
Photography by Stephen J Edgar