A 120 year old home in the designated historic Central neighbourhood of Waterloo was converted into a modern optometry clinic and optical dispensary. Having to work with both preservation and stylistic limitations for the exterior, the challenge was to create a modern, functional, fully accessible and environmentally friendly clinic for Insight.

Great care was taken to work with existing roof lines, brick colour and size, window styles, and several century old walnut trees on a steeply graded property. Care was taken to restore and enhance the various historic portions of the house while gutting and transforming the interior. Polished concrete floors, exposed steel support beams, and portions of the original brick walls anchor and create the overall style and feel of the main optical area. Each office has a unique feature of the original home preserved, whether a reclaimed door, brick wall, or refinished wooden floor. Natural light floods in from South and West facing windows, and the space is kept minimal and white to provide a neutral backdrop for the presentation of high style eyewear.