Back at home on King Street after a 20 year journey around the region, King Street Trio is re-imagined as a warm, durable, deeply textured and materially rich space. The client here wanted wood, history, and design elements that would serve to spark conversation and interest, to add to the overall experience of dining. Reclaimed elements are featured extensively, from the pressed tin wall cladding that was discovered on portions of the original ceiling, to an industrial barn floor that is re-sawn into table and bar tops. The 'swoop', making reference to the railway line that runs directly beside the restaurant, is constructed from reclaimed fir floor planks, using computer modelling and visualization tools to fine tune the shape and help construct large scale jigs to achieve this complex form. The pipe structures which create screening and help define the space are made of inexpensive electrical conduit. The serving top which wraps around the open kitchen is made of reclaimed slate from pool table tops, salvaged from a local bar. All the chairs and table bases are craiglist finds, repainted. Strategies like this allowed a very high level of detail and quality in the finishes, on a very reasonable budget.