An addition and renovation to a classic 60's side split in Waterloo. The goals here were to update the main body of the house with new windows, siding, and materials while keeping the basic form and working with existing brick. At the back a new living room and bedroom suite extension takes off from the main hipped roof and opens up to a generous back yard. The roof style, proportions and deep overhangs take their cues from the existing home style, while the larger expanses of glass and introduction of steel and architectural panel bring a more modern feel.

As with all Whiting Design projects, the walls of the new addition are very well insulated (to R38), passive solar is considered in the size and orientation of windows and overhangs, and durable, healthy materials are used throughout. The new space also features supplementary heat in the form of a small high efficiency wood stove, in a nod to both resilience and human comfort.