This high performance home on Paradise Lake re-uses the shell of a 60's mid century steel structure, adding a new stair spine and bedroom wing to the East to create a dramatic, efficient, modern home for a family of four.

Reclaimed cedar wood soffits complement a traditional lime stucco exterior on the bedroom half of the house. Windows are optimized for natural light, shading, privacy, and views in every direction. On the South side, high windows allow privacy from the neighbours while washing the room in ample free light and heat.

On the public side of the house, soaring two storey glass faces the living / dining / kitchen area. All windows are Ontario manufactured fibreglass frames, for the ultimate in efficiency.

The central stair is left open to serve as a light passageway as well as a visual connection 'spine' between front and back, the axis of lake to forest views which informs many of the window placements. Supported by a cherry column in front and ash in back, as well as slat railings milled from the same ash tree, the wood is as locally sourced as it gets, from right in the back yard.

The upstairs washroom and kitchen cabinetry are great examples of the "IKEA hack", using mid grade prefab cabinetry in innovative ways to keep costs down and allow a more DIY approach to construction.

Interior storage is seamlessly integrated into walls, creating as uninterrupted a surface and a clean, clutter free look. Cabinetry was all purchased pre-fabricated and assembled by the owners to keep costs down, and all interior surfaces were owner painted over the course of a dozen weekends.