A classic back yard addition with a minimalist purpose. This was one of those absolutely typical four square century homes with a badly built little addition on the back. The house was dark, and had no connection to the large and heavily treed back yard.

We put on a modest single storey addition, with floor to ceiling windows, and blew open the back of the original home to provide a seamless view and flow form the old spaces into the new. The kitchen location was left largely intact, but new cabinets, counter and bar extension knits the two spaces together. The large steel beam required to carry the double brick wall on the second storey is left exposed and becomes part of the language and story of the home, rather than being boxed in with drywall or wood. A 2 piece washroom and large storage pantry occupy the one side of the addition, and a generous, bright, warm living space which features a real wood burning stove becomes the new hub for family activity.

The simple form of the addition, including foundations using helical piers and a flat EPDM roof, was built in a very short time frame with absolutely minimal disruption to the lot and the existing home.