Seven Shores Urban Market and Cafe has quickly established itself as an institution at the heart of the local food scene in Waterloo. We were retained to do the full interior design of the space as well as an outdoor seating and shade structure.

Sustainability runs through every decision made in the design. The main organizing element, the counter, is constructed using the salvaged shelving from the space's former tenant, a video store (Generation X, for those who have been around long enough to remember :). The counter design was optimized using CAD to utilize the number and length of pieces available from the salvage, creating a unique wooden sculpture that defines and anchors the space.

From the salvaged and refurbished chandeliers, to the eclectic furnishings primarily sourced from kijiji, Mennonite made wooden benches and tabletops, to the VOC free paints and floor finishes, there are healthy touches everywhere.

The outdoor shade structure takes its cues from the proportions of the building, protecting diners from a busy street while opening to the extensive trees and gardens to the sides (which are planted with exclusively native species, many of which are edible fruit-bearing, a food forest project also part of our work but dating back to 1998 when the buildings were construted). The support structure is made of hand hewn beams salvaged from a nearby barn, and the slats are locally harvested and milled untreated Eastern White Cedar.

A sound separated but visually connected meeting room is regularly used by community and business groups, adding a booking and catering function to this busy restaurant and cafe.

Seven Shores prides itself on sourcing as much local food as possible, has a living wage policy for all employees, and supports numerous local and international initiatives around food and trade issues.