Taco Farm started as a dream collaboration between two local restaurant owners, and has quickly become an institution in the Waterloo restaurant scene. From the in-house fresh tortilla manufacturing to the dedication to local sourcing of all meats and most other ingredients, Taco Farm is all about healthy and community based connections.

The design started with working through a very challenging set of constraints. The facades of this and the King St. frontage of the same building needed updating from the 1970's storefront. New, clean lined glass and minimal structure open up to the street to provide an inviting warmth to passers by. Retrofitting a state of the art and very busy commercial kitchen into a tightly constrained 80 year old building while meeting all modern health and fire codes was tricky to say the least. The space meets or exceeds all current accessibility codes as one of the surprisingly few grade level restaurants in the area. Getting large HVAC installs from the roof, in through and around other retail spaces, upstairs offices, and a combination of wood and steel structures was an art form in itself.

When it came to interior design and layout, we worked collaboratively with the owners to come up with a concept that was very social, fun, bright and bustling without being overwhelming. Lots of bar seating and communal tables make for informal interaction between customers, and also provide infrastructure and flexibility for interactive events like Tequila School.

Did we mention the food is some of the best in the Region? It has certainly become an office favorite on more occasions than we'd care to admit.