Our scope includes new homes, additions, retrofits, commercial buildings and interiors, retail interiors and facades, and adaptive re-use projects within a 150km radius of our office. At the forefront of modern and sustainable design thinking, we can help you move beyond assumptions to achieve better, different solutions to your design problems. We are trained and experienced in LEED standards, have a unique in house expertise in building science, and enjoy pushing the margins into areas such as permaculture approaches to design, tiny homes, and collaborative housing and economics. We have worked on Passive House standard designs and are closing in on certification in 2017/18.  Though our home base is Kitchener Waterloo, we regularly take on work in neighbouring cities and as far North as Georgian Bay, West to Huron, and South to Erie.

Our clients want to create spaces which are modern, beautiful, functional, and economical, while reducing energy usage and improving work and life environments. We strive for candor and objectivity, using advanced design thinking to solve your problems. We don’t preach, we listen and collaborate to help your space realize its full potential.  We also help you do more with less, and rather than chasing McMansions, we encourage efficiency throughout our design process even if it means smaller fees for smaller builds.

You can hire us for anything from minimal to full architectural services. You might want an exploration of opportunities, in the form of a feasibility study or sketch studies of a potential project. We also provide full traditional architectural services, involving schematic design, detailed design and specifications, permit and construction drawings, contractor selection, and contract administration and oversight. We will meet with you for free to discuss your needs, and provide a fee proposal which is tailored to your project, budget, and timelines.


  • Sustainable design and consulting
  • New residential and commercial buildings
  • Adaptive re-use, renovations, additions
  • Energy retrofits
  • Passivehouse (Passivhaus) standard design
  • Permaculture design for sites and buildings
  • Owner-Builder consulting and assistance for tiny home, alternative DIY builds
  • Education in green building and building science, and resilience for small business.
  • Collaborative, integrated design thinking for better communities.